Getting the Property Ready for Photos

Photos are the single most important factor in getting buyers to look at your listing.  Look at the photo shoot as you would an open house.  After all, that’s essentially what it is.  A web-based open house that runs 24/7 until the house sells.

Whether you use us, another photographer or you take your own photos, these tips will make a HUGE difference in the quality, and consequently, the effectiveness of your photos


  • Lawn is mowed, bushes and trees are trimmed
  • Hoses are rolled up and inconspicuous
  • Flowerbeds are clean and have fresh mulch
  • Outdoor furniture is arranged neatly
  • Windows and sliding doors are clean
  • Pool/Spa are clean
  • Vehicles in garage or off property


  • Furniture and floors are clean
  • De-clutter as much as possible- toys (child and pet) are out of sight
  • Family photos are stored
  • Countertops (kitchen and bathroom) are clean and cleared as much as possible


  • Clothes are put away
  • Beds are made neatly


  • All personal items (razors, toothbrushes, shampoo, hairdryers, etc) are out of sight
  • Mirrors are cleaned
  • Clean towels neatly placed on rods


  • Refrigerator magnets are gone
  • Sink is empty
  • Appliances are clean

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